Improve Function with Integrative Myofunctional Therapy 

At Integrative Myofunctional Therapy we provide therapy and resources to treat Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders - or OMDs. If you have this type of health condition, IMT can help to customize a therapeutic regimen to improve or correct abnormal function of the oral and facial muscles. This includes from oral facial techniques and exercises to behavior modification, all designed to help you find an optimal and comfortable path to wellness and maximum function.

Testimonials From Patients

My 3 children have enjoyed our year long therapy with Victoria at Integrative Myofunctional Therapy. Myofunctional Therapy can be an overwhelming task but Victoria does everything to make it manageable. Her exercises are fun and age appropriate, which helps to keep my children engaged and assume responsibility for their own exercises, taking some of the burden off of me.  Victoria adds a touch of personal encouragement through reminder texts, cards in the mail, and prizes.  I have definitely seen improvement in my children’s tongue, posture, swallowing and overall facial function.  - Katelyn R

We are so glad our dentist referred us to Victoria! She has done an amazing job teaching and coaching my daughter, and positive results were noticeable within the first few visits. Victoria is clearly an expert in her field, and also a great motivator, which is important when dealing with young children. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody needing myofunctional therapy. - Nick P.

My 7 year old son was diagnosed with tongue thrust and I had no idea what to do. We were referred to Integrative Myofunctional Therapy by our dentist and have been so pleased with the results. Her initial consult was so thorough. My son has a great time working with Victoria. All of the exercises are so creative and varied. It has really helped him to stay engaged with the process. As a busy mom, I really appreciate Victoria's well planned out exercises as well as her interactive style. She is very communicative and really wants to see my son succeed. She is very well educated in this area and it shows in the handouts and exercises that have been developed. My son is feeling very successful and is learning life long skills that will help him now and in his future. We are so grateful to have found Victoria and highly recommend her. - Samantha Conboy MA, CCH [Certified Classical Homeopath]

Thank you Victoria for motivating and inspiring me to improve my health. I no longer have an excessive build up of tarter on my lower teeth, reducing the number of teeth cleanings required per year. My neck stays in place, requiring less chiropractic adjustments. I feel emotionally more balanced. I also attribute all these benefits, of retraining my swallow, to a more active, happier life. - Johannah, age 76


Testimonials from Professionals

If every mother knew what Victoria could do for their young, growing children with myofunctional therapy, they would never just wait for their children to grow old enough to need braces before addressing their issues.  And I should know! - Dr. Barry Raphael, orthodontist, Clifton, New Jersey

Victoria has been a great resource as a myofunctional therapist for my practice.  With a background as a dental hygienist and special additional training in myofunctional therapy, Victoria is more than well qualified to treat my patients with the need for myofunctional therapy.  Focused on improving the the overall health and quality of life for her patients, Victoria has achieved outstanding results and changed lives for the better with her patient specific myofunctional therapy protocol.  I highly recommend Victoria to anyone needing a myofunctional therapist. - Daniel A. Flores, DDS, MS, Specialist in Orthodontics

A healthy, natural swallow is at the core of resilient, optimal living, and Victoria has been a key team member in this transformational work. Victoria brings years of dental and myofunctional therapy skill, an eagerness to learn, the ability to creatively problem solve and adapt her coaching to each individual, as well as impeccable integrity. While keeping her myofunctional skills tuned, she has added Laynee Restorative Breathing work, and is the first in the US to complete the comprehensive D-Smile training. She has somehow found a way to combine ‘persistent' with ‘pleasant’, which is also a big factor in her success. - Darick Nordstrom, DDS

Victoria Wright RDH OMT, has a comprehensive command of the broad aspects included in the practice of Integrative Myofunctional Therapy. She is effective, motivational, and understanding of her patients. In my opinion she is a winner! - West Leffingwell, DDS

As the Director of the White Memorial Craniofacial Pain TMJ Clinic in Los Angeles, CA, I have known Victoria on a professional basis in her quest to be the best that she can be so that she can offer her patients the latest and innovative techniques in the field of helping people with orofacial myofunctional problems. She has been intentional about pursuing education and training for the purpose of being an excellent dental hygienist and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist. Her knowledge and skills benefit both patients and professionals. I am confident that she will share her expertise to the best of her knowledge and abilities. - Joseph Schames DMD, White Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles, CA